Multi generation family in Wiesbaden Germany

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Multi generation family in Wiesbaden Germany
Amanda’s multi-generation family in Wiesbaden, Germany

Amanda asked me to take family portraits while her mom visited from the states. With three boys, her husband and mother, the clan showed up ready for portraits. From the first “click” of the camera, it was clear her family was well-accustomed to this routine. Amanda is not the only mom who regularly likes to have high-quality photographs of their families. But why?

As a mom of three, I get it. The time is fleeting and as mothers we are keenly aware. When the first one is born and sleep is short, we feel like we’ll never see the end of it. Within a few years, we’re missing the tiny toes and the babbling toddler. We’ve exchanged those moments for tying shoe laces, running to sports practice and reviewing homework. And just a few more years down the road, we’re shopping for prom dresses, navigating driver’s ed and thinking about colleges. With each stage, there a deep love for the small moments, but also such nostalgia for its predecessor.

Our photographs freeze those precious moments in time.

We can pull out the albums to get a glimpse back at our children when they were younger; sweeter or naughtier; funny or sad; clean or filthy; with friends or by themselves. We can revisit them and our lives during that stretch of childhood and motherhood. We can recollect the joys and frustrations of family vacations, the excitement of Christmas mornings and the blowing-out-candles of annual birthday celebrations. Our photographs capture the essence of family and hold it still for eternity.

So, when you wife or mother or significant other says she want to schedule photographs or purchase a high-quality photobook, do it for her. What she’s really saying is, “I love our life in this moment, and I want to remember it forever.”

Feel free to message me if you’re interested in scheduling photographs or would like a consultation about prints, wall art and photobooks – all make excellent Mother’s Day gifts!

P.S. – Watch for my upcoming blog posts including “Mom Shots” and “What to Wear – Or, What NOT to Wear.”