Wiesbaden Germany playground photography session

Playground Portraits

Part of my vision for family photography is capturing a sense of place in my work. Families want to remember their children during a particular time and PLACE, especially in communities where people are moving every three years or so.

In Alice Springs, the night sky and Simpson’s Gap were easy choices for portrait sessions. Here, in Wiesbaden, Germany, the choices are much more broad. I’ve done a 700-year old town, a playground, a public park, the woods and my own yard. I’ve got waterfront scheduled and hope to do flower fields too!

Bob and I have decades (yes, we are that old) of landscape photography experience that we bring to our sessions. For a sense of some of the unique places we’ve captures, visit www.photos.ourwitsend.org and click through Bob’s work. Our long-time family joke is that I, Lisa, photograph moving objects (like people) and Bob photographs non-moving objects (like mountains). I must give him much credit for the expertise he brings to photography in low-light situations like under the Milky Way in the Australian outback. Those sessions were the truest of collaborations.

There are two huge playgrounds in our area and was excited that the Parker family wanted to meet for session in this fabulous family spot! This location could be tricky on several levels. First, bright and high-in-the-sky sun is not a photographers friend. Second, if the playground was really busy, it would take longer and be less visually stunning. And finally, their youngest is not able to climb and participate!

The solution to the challenges were mostly addressed by time of day. We met at 8 am and, as you can see, the sun was already a little high in the sky. We were, however, the only ones there! The kids loved it. While I’ve only included a few here, there were many places in this park for photographs, including a shady rock area where I got quite a few nice family portraits.

Do you have a special place in Wiesbaden or the surrounding area that you’d like to have as a the backdrop to your photo session? I’m up for anything!